Monday, October 20, 2008

Second Glance

First Light with my new telescope was great, but not ideal because of haze and humidity in the air, along with light from a Hunters Moon. I had a chance to go out again the night of October 19th. I took additional pictures of M31/M110, M32, M33, and the Double Cluster (NGC869 & NGC884). They turned out much better without all the light pollution. Here are the pictures.

This picture of M31 (galaxy at left), M110 (appears as a star in M31's star cloud) and M32 (smaller galaxy to the right of M31) is untouched and unmodified. I should get better shots as I learn to track better, because I will be able to take longer exposures.

M33, The Pinwheel Galaxy actually showed up in the frame, which even surprized me. There is a lot of light pollution in my neighborhood, so it is almost impossible to see faint objects when viewing from my front yard. I eneded up shooting this picture in the dark, and was surprised when M33 appeared in the frame.

This 1.5 minute exposure of NGC869 (half of the Double Cluster) reveals many more stars than my original picture taken 10/11/08. (See my previous posting)

This 1.5 minute exposure of NGC884 (other half of the Double Cluster) reveals many more stars than my original picture taken 10/11/08. (See my previous posting)

All in all it was a successful evening under the stars. I will post more as time permits. I hope to catch Jupiter and Venus later in the week.

Enjoying Clear Skies!


P.S. - I have to pick a new name, because my wife said StarPilot sounds corny. Actually, she said it sounded 'gay'. I am taking suggestions.

Jim a.k.a. (soon to be formerly) StarPilot



Jacki said...

That's pretty cool! Too bad we didn't get to see these things at the Star Party.

I'll think of a new name for you. I don't see anything wrong with StarPilot, though.

stargirl@hatboss said...

The pictures and the article is great. I remember a friend of mine who is doing astrophotography with only $250 worth of equipment. You may visit his site here,

Whit said...
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Whit said...

You've really some a long way in a short time with your astrophography. Keep up the good work!

I too would say keep StarPilot !!

Jeff (Whit's dad, I can't seem to post this without it linking to my son's blog, sorry)

Debbie said...

I had no idea you were so fascinated by astrology and photography. This whole blog was really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

I didn't think StarPilot was such a gay name, but if the wife says to change it, it is usually a good idea to comply. What about StarGazer, or, now that you are old like me, perhaps StarGeezer?

In recognition of M31 being one of your favorite star gazing targets and because I liked your post about the Magi, why not change Magi to MaJi and add the suffix M31 for MaJiM31? It gets your faith, your name, and your favorite constellation all in one fell swoop.

Good luck picking the new name if you haven't already.