Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Greetings From Jupiter!

Since getting into the backyard astronomy hobby, I have been trying to get a descent picture of Jupiter.

This time of year one has to be dedicated to the task, becuase the big 'Gas Giant' does not rise in Virginia until 12:30AM.

I had nothing better to do one night, so I stayed up for "Jupiter Rise". It was worth the wait. A new moon and low humidity were factors in allowing me to get my best glimpse of Jupiter ever in my telescope.

Viewing an object is one challenge, but getting a good picture is another.

The first two pictures show a close-up of Jupiter to include Red, Orange and White lines. Unfortunately, the Great Red Spot is not visible this time of year.

The third picture shows Jupiter and four of the planets 50+ moons.

I took the pictures using the AFocal photography method. I focused Jupiter in my telescope using a 5mm eyepiece, then took the picture of the image in the eyepiece using my Nikon D80 & 50mm lens on a separate tripod.

Next stop: "Saturn"




Jacki said...

That is awesome!!

Jason said...

Nice shots. You must have some really good color filters. Its hard to get such a clear view like that this time of year.

StarPilot said...

Thanks for the comments. These are raw images with no filters. I plan to use different color filters to bring out contrast, then stack them together and see what kind of image I come up with.

Mr Farty said...

Beautiful. If I didn't live in a city I would deffo buy a telescope.

Sher :) said...

Wow!! Truly awesome. And quite the treat for me. I'm glad Jacki sent me over.

the Alien said...

Excellent, better then my scope, I'm keen to see GRS and BA (red spot jnr) pass each other, and the latest spot merging with GRS in August. I Believe Hubble will get some action!

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