Monday, November 19, 2007

Cloudy Days & Cloudy Nights...

...and Comet 17P/Holmes is nowhere in sight. Sighhhh!

The above picture has been the view from my observing sight for several days (and nights). I heard the clouds will part today (11/19/2007) so I may be able to get a few shots of comet 17P/Holmes before the clouds return during mid-week. If I'm successful, I'll post them here.

Side Note: Yesterday, (Sunday 11/18/2007) I bought a used Quantaray 70-300mm F/1:4-5.6 lens for my Nikon D80. I intend to use the lens to take close-up astrophotography images of celestial objects. If the weather cooperates tonight I'll try the lens out on M45, M81 and comet 17P/Holmes.

Cool Link: Check out my son-in-law's blog to view his astrophotography and other blog entries.

Hoping for Clear Skies!!


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